Intro to Computer Systems

    Introduction to computer Systems.

    In this course you will be introduced to what is a computer system, technical features of computer systems, computer hardware, computer software, computer system architecture and other important topics related to the computer systems.

    Instructor Short Bio

    Abdisalam Nur Ali, is a full stack developer at ICT Department of the National Communications Authority (NCA). He has ten years of professional work experience in various ICT fields including web development, database design, integration & implementation, Software and App development as well as system administration.

    Date: 10th April 2023
    Duration: 3 Hours.
    To apply please send Your name, university/school and mobile number

    Maalinta:10th April 2023
    Waqtiga: 3 Saac
    Si aad uga qaybgasho aqoon iswaydaarsiga fadlan ku soo dir magacaaga, jamacadaada, kuliyadaada iyo mobaylkaga

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