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    Girls in ICT Somalia oo kaashaneysa EQUALS ayaa ku wargelineysa  dhammaan gabdhaha bartay ama barta culuumta teknoolojiyada iney kasoo qeybgalaan Barnaamijka Latalinta Xirfadaha Fudud (Softs Skills e-Mentoring programme).

    Barnaamijkan ayaa bilaaban doono 22-ka Janaayo 2024 balse kahor fadlan ku soo dir magacaaga iyo CV-gaaga ugu dambeyn 05-ta Janaayo 2024.

    Xusuusin: Isdiiwaangelintu waxay ku egtahay 05-ka Janaayo 2024.

    About Girls In ICT


    It has been celebrated in Mogadishu, Somalia since 2018 to inspire girls to study careers in Science, Technology through training, knowledge exchange, capacity building activities, and role models. Girls in ICT day gives girls and young women the opportunity to learn about the opportunities offered by ICTs, to inspire girls to gain Technology work skills, such as engineering, computer programming, cloud technology, robotics, health science. Traditional work units are reducing as a result of automation, while innovation creates new ones that require different skills. Without Technology skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy, girls and women will fall further behind in terms of economic and social participation. The girls in ICT day is celebrated by the Ministry of telecommunication and technology, the National communications Authority and the National Telecommunications Institute in partnership with other stakeholders in Somalia. For further information please contact us via our Email.

    Girls In ICT Day

    The International girls in ICT day is an initiative backed by all ITU member states (including the Federal Republic of Somalia) in ITU plenipotentiary resolution 70 (Rev.Dubai 2018).

    Girls in ICT day is a global movement which aims at achieving gender equality and bridging the gender digital divide in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    Girl’s in ICT Day is celebrated annually to encourage young girl to consider a career path in technology sector. More than 166 counties are celebrated every year and more than 300,000 girls and women have taken part worldwide events that took place every year in technology.

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